Are you ready to be happy? - distance class

Many people are asking for my help. Big changes happening on the vibration of the planet, and we can feel that also in our personal life.
Our inner-self feel is strongly pushed to reach the Divine purpose of our life and is looking for happiness and satisfaction. That sometimes implies to let go something (o someone) or to change our lives. 

If we resist or don't choose happiness, the pain or sadness can be very big. 

I'll teach you how does it feel to be happy, and to collaborate with the Laws and the Angels in the higher and best way.

This online class helps to understand those changes and support you through explanations, meditations and exercises. It is comprehensive of insights and meditations sent by email or download and a 1-hour healing session (skype or phone).

For information and more explanation please write me

My story

I'm a healer. I start working with Bach remedies many years ago, then I discovered ThetaHealing and my sessions are always guided by Angels or other guides then stay with me while I connect to the Energy of Creator.

I can see Angels, and speak to them easily.

I always had the capability to do that, but only after learning ThetaHealing I really understand my gift.

I was blessed from Creator and I met a Master that taught me to meditate. I really believe that everyone should meditate every day to reconnect to the Energy of Creator.

I'm a ThetaHealing master and through this technique, I learned how healings work. I've always thought I was a lucky girl. Then I realised that healings (also body healings) are a birthright for everyone, we just need to realise how it works.

I've a degree in mathematics and physics, so I studied a lot about laws (for example gravity, magnetism,..). I knew that the earth is under the power of the laws, but I realised that there so many other laws. The Law of attraction!, the law of Karma, the Law of time or music and so on...

If our heart is pure, and we go through the energy of Pure Love, we can connect and co-create with them. So everything is possible!